About this blog……

Me, August 2015

This blog is about…..

…..my experiences of, first of all, starting this process, and secondly, planning how to do it and lastly, the journey of actually doing it!

It won’t be pretty: I plan to be fairly honest ~ not brutally honest, no one needs to be emotionally scarred here!

I plan to share my own experiences of, and opinions on, following a weight-loss program, a.k.a. “dieting”, and the process of getting in shape. For me. This is in no way a commentary on society or big-name corporations that specialize in this area of health and wellness.

A bit about my fitness history…..

Years ago I had lots of energy and it seemed like I was always looking for somewhere to go that I could take my 3 kids that would be either free or low cost. I went to many opening day ceremonies of provincial parks, many play grounds and we were very frequent visitors to the newly built water park/splash pad in town. They always kept me busy.

Me in December 1987 at 143 lbs.

My own personal fitness has gone by the wayside. During my pre-marital years I jogged and played tennis fanatically, and kept my weight around 145, but since I was 5’3″ and fairly active, being a size Medium never bothered me. I even carried the torch for 1 km of the Olympic Relay for the ’88 Olympic games. Luckily for me, my first husband enjoyed running and tennis, and also cycling, but being naturally athletic didn’t hurt either! With my first pregnancy, my tennis-playing days were over. By the time my third child was born I was heavily invested in the Mom ‘n’ Tot swimming lessons and had stumbled onto the “Moms in Shape” low-impact aerobics classes taught by the YM/YWCA for 3 days a week in Port Dover. I was keeping in shape and was keeping my weight between 150 and 155 lbs.

Oct 2006
Race day, Run for the Cure 2008, at 150 lbs, but in GREAT shape!

By the time my youngest was in second grade I had been a Single Mom for 5 years, and the exercise class I had enjoyed in Port Dover changed over when our beloved low-impact aerobics instructor left us to re-enter the work force. Her replacement was a die-hard Pilates instructor, and I had to give up the class and find something on my own. Which was a gym and several how-to books. One was on walking. Another one of my faves is written by Bill Phillips and is part of a health and lifestyle series called Body-for-LIFE. I also purchased Eating-for-LIFE, which is a wonderful cook book full of tastey low-cal recipes that I really enjoy, and the forward section of 47 pages was designed to act as a companion article in support of the Body-for-LIFE program. Even with these positively motivating resources, I only lasted another 3 years on my own before sinking into an almost complete decline of activity. Those years are dotted with sporadic periods of time of intensive home remodeling and outdoor renovations.

For my own experience, doing home remodeling is onerous when you are almost completely out of shape. I could barely lift the deck boards and other supplies when my new fiance Jeff and I had to replace our front deck. I actually fell off the end, four feet down into the dirt, face and chest first. It was a long week before I could walk normally again.

From my journal to this blog….

Starting this blog was a decision to get all the thoughts and notes out of my journals and put them online, especially since there are one or two websites that might help anyone reading this. I have several milestones to share and a few goal-setting ideas as well, but all of the dates on my blog entries for the beginning in January up until May will be this recent date here, with the original date from my journal reflected in the body of the post. 🙂