Week 16

 Friday, May 27, 2016

Finding out that I lost 2 pounds over the last three weeks felt so darn good! And finally I have my first 10 pounds OFF my body. My prevailing emotion is that I am happy!

So today I discovered Aquafina water Plus Vitamins. It was strawberry kiwi flavour. It says “natural flavour” on the front label off the bottle and “natural fruit flavours” in the ingredients list. It had 25 g of sugar, which is about half the amount of sugar in the Five Alive citrus fruit beverage, and in a Dole fruit beverage there is usually about 58 g of sugar or more. Also this bottle size was 591 mL, about 140 mL than in either of the other two fruit juice beverage brands.

This is important to me because this is what I purchase on my 10: 30 break, if I can’t get an apple or a banana, if I haven’t brought one with me from home. The problem is, I can’t ingest any sweeteners. Aspertame and sucralose, both give me boils on my face and are to be avoided like the plague. So I have had to diligently read the ingredients label on every product before I drink it (or discard it!).

I also enjoyed drinking Gingerale. Canada Dry is my preferred brand. However, this too I have had to give up because a small bottle of gingerale has a SP value of 9. Once in a while I buy a small bottle and drink part of it one and day and finish it on the next. So I have had to give up quite a bit since those two sweeteners are also in low fat cheese slices, fat free mayo, fat free sour cream, etc. However, all those fatty foods are no good for me anyway, so c’est la vie!

Saturday, May 28 13248471_10153440381396890_5823621393346676927_o

Well I have done so much walking that the mesh on the top of the toes of my Nike Pegasus running shoes has begun to rip. They held up pretty good for 9 years!

So I treated myself to a pair of new shoes, these blue Saucony walkers. They feel great and are going to help me continue on my neighbourhood walks!

Sunday, May 29

Salad’s are a point of boredom in my diet program. There is only so many ways to spruce it up. One of the things I do not like in my salads are chunks of fruit, including, but not limited to, cranberries and mandarin orange slices, and any kind of nut (don’t care what it’s called, but any kind of nut, keep it out of my salad!). That being said, I do like a little shredded cheese, or cubes, and I also like sweet peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, celery, onion and of course, lettuce.

Then we come to dressings. I used to just love Caesar salad dressing, but it’s mayo-based and not good for me. Very fattening. So in the interests in losing weight and lowering our blood cholesterol levels, we turn to the oil and vinegar types. Renee’s Caesar dressing was my favourite, so the first one I bought was Renee’s half fat Caesar. It was not my cup of tea 🙂

Returning to the Renee’s section at the grocery store, I discovered they make a tangerine oil and vinegar type, and my daughter Sassy found a tall skinny bottle of Caesar’s LunchParmesan and Garlic, which was an oil and vinegar type of dressing also made by Renee’s. Which also turned out to be not my cup of tea. The tangerine one was pretty good, but eventually I made my way out of the fresh produce section and into the salad dressing aisle, where I revisited some of the Kraft dressings, and many numerous brand names of dressings.

I picked up a bottle of Kraft Golden Italian and just happened to read the ingredients. When I read “citrus”and “red bell peppers” they had me. The other one I enjoy is Sweet Onion. I don’t know why. I was a die-hard Caesar dressing lover, I still love mayonnaise on my sandwiches and burgers, sour cream on potatoes, tacos and nacho platters, etc. And now, I have to not just say, but declare, that I don’t believe I can go back. It’s like my taste buds are alive and they want their flavours!



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