16 Active Weeks

My goodness, how time flies when you’re having fun!

The reason the Journal entry Week 16 just now got published is I must have clicked on Save instead of Publish, because I found it under Drafts. Just sitting there, begging to be published!

After 16 weeks of attending Weight Watchers and walking every other day and lifting hand weights, I have to say that losing 11 pounds was  disappointing. It is great to feel better and to be about a size smaller and to have all of your clothes fitting looser. It is a little defeating to add it up and find out that 2 + 2 does not equal 4. So what I am getting at is this:  after 16 weeks I did not lose 16 pounds!

One thing that did happen was Fiance Jeff came home early one day and caught me! I was working out, crying and yelling at the TV during an episode of Extreme Weight Loss: “Just give her the skin removal surgery!! She’s lost 47 per cent of her body weight! Giver the surgery!!!!” Oh god, the kleenexes!

During the month I found following the program to be difficult. I kept using every excuse to go have fast food. Going up to A&W to see the muscle cars after supper? Yeah, sure, I’ll go, and I’ll have an order of onion rings to go with that junior burger! My son works at the Breyer’s ice cream plant and brings home samples. Well gee, I gotta eat some or it’ll just go baaaaaad!

So the result is not that I gained weight, as you may have suspected, but I stayed the same. In fact I lost another half of a pound in the month of June. Due to keeping active I managed to pear down the pony girth another 6 inches!!

Our leader at WW said to us, just because you don’t see anything moving on the scales does not mean that your body is not shrinking, because there is a lot going on inside your body. Your metabolism changes so that you’re hungry in the morning and you’re eating hopefully every 3 hours and you are controlling your portion sizes. So inside your body there is fat between your organs and you are literally shrinking inside AND out.

Very interesting. Updates coming.


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