Week Twelve

 Friday, April 29 – Thursday, May 5

I did not track or journal this week, although I did drink the usual buckets of water, but still smarting from gaining an entire pound last week! Unbelievable! Still going over in my mind, “where did I go wrong, where did I go wrong….” Not a very positive mind-set this week.

Saturday night was the buck ‘n’ doe, and I greatly enjoyed the jello shots. It was a fun night whereby I parked all my troubles and woes out in the parking lot with my car. No wait, Fiance Jeff drove, so I left ’em out in the van!

Once again, I took on some extra work for Thursday. Work comes first, I mean, it does keep a roof over our heads and pay for the hydro and water bills. So Thursday became such a long, onerous day that Sassy and I agreed to skip WW meeting, just this once.


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