Week Ten

 Friday, April 15, 2016

Lifted weights. Tracked food perfectly. 2L of H20!!

Upper body workout this morning, with my 20 year old son who has hardly picked up weights, ever, his thing is jogging. I had two periods of intense muscle “burning” sensation. Yeah, baby!

Tonight’s dinner was turkey burgers on those flat-bread buns, for 6 SP. They were surprisingly tastey!

Tomorrow night we are DJ-ing a birthday party at the Teeterville Legion. I am not bothering to track or follow WW because I am not driving, I would like to enjoy some drinks and do some dancing. 😉

Sunday, April 17

Last night was a blast. This morning Sassy and I cooked eggs for breakfast! I really enjoyed that! Then we went out and did 3.8 km walk for 33 minutes. I am wondering if I have lost or gained, because my “pony girth” was jiggling a bit while walking.

Really hoping I can lose these 75 pounds without developing the loose skin that you see on people in television shows such as Extreme Weight Loss. I’m 51 years old, female, non-smoker, and I keep thinking that I have heard over the news and possibly the internet that it’s harder to get the weight off you after 50. Of course, we are also more prone to wrinkles and age spots, too. Those don’t go away, because the elasticity of your skin probably changes because it’s older and drier, ha ha.

Monday, April 18

Had a good day, starting off with 2 scrambled eggs. 1 scrambled egg is 3 SP: 1 SP for the oil you use and 2 SP for the egg itself. It’s worth it! Protein and carb, all rolled into one thing!

Moderate power walk with pedometer.4119 steps, it said 2 miles and that I burned 265 calories. 33 minutes of activity gets me 5 “Fit Points”.  I do not know what you get for the Fit Points, but I think you use it as a target number. Ex. you try to tally up 25 to 30 Fit Points per week.

Tuesday, April 19

A 33 Point day. What happened was, I got done tracking and I had 29 Smart Points consumed, so I thought Great, I can have a snack tonight! But I couldn’t find anything for just 1 or 2 SP, so by that time I was determined to eat something extra. And that put me over.

Oh well, live and learn.

I also did a leg work-out today, that left me wobbly when I walked away. And I gardened for an hour. This equals 15 Fit Points. Yay me.

Wednesday, April 20

Scrambled eggs for breakfast again. For supper I made chicken thighs and also rice with leeks, both of which were recipes from the WW cook book. I guess I have been in the mood to cook, cook, cook all week!

I did an upper arm workout for 30 minutes today, which left my arms all rubbery when I went to pick something up. Combined with my wobbly legs and I am Raggedy Anne.

Thursday, April 21 

I had a very busy day, today, because I took on some extra work, then helped Sassy with her part-time job and to top it all off, I ate gluttonly-ish. I had 2 grilled chicken wraps from Wendy’s and 3″X3″ square of lasagnia. But, here are the veggies I had to day: asparagus, fruit salad, scallop potatoes, cauliflower, salad, cucumber, baby carrots – WOW! Was I in the mood to graze, or what?!

Results of the week: Lost 1.8 lbs! for a total of 9.2 lbs. (Almost to 10!!!!)




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