Week Nine

Friday, April 8, 2016

 Food today was perfect. I am feeling good.

I should take a few minutes to explain a little bit about tracking food when you are participating in Weight Watcher’s weight loss program. They assign “Smart Point” values to food based on it’s amount or weight and provide you with this little green book called your “Pocket Guide”. (For example, 1 cup of cooked white or brown rice is 6 Points.) Then they weigh you and they measure your height and ask you your age, and based on that information I was assessed an allotment of 30 Smart Points per day that I’m allowed to consume, plus they said I have 42 additional Points that are “Weekly”. Those are essentially floater points for when you go over or you accidentally blew like 20 points just on your lunch. So what do you do then, skip supper? Vegetables and fruits, by the way, are no points, they’re free. Unless you have juice or apple sauce or a fruit smoothie, in which case points are assigned. If you eat something like a can of soup, you use this gadget called the ‘calculator’ and plug in values from the Nutritional Label on the packaging, and it calculates a value for it.

Also, water is free. And they want you to drink 8 to 10 cups of water a day. If one cup equals 250 mL, they want you to drink 2L to 2.5 L of water a day. So far, I definitely drink 1500 mL per day, and sometimes I manage and extra 500 mL, but really, it all depends on how hard of a walk I take, whether I have access to water and also if I feel like it. Sometimes I just want something, any thing!!! with flavour.

So the reason I want to explain the Points system is because so far I have been typing out my journals without mentioning it, which might seem slightly mysterious. Some days I note down “Perfect 30”! The way I have been doing it is I am trying really hard just to use the 30 points and not go over. I don’t know if they eventually lower your Points, but I will post about it if that happens.

So for today my journal actually says, “Food perfect, 1.5 L of H20. Weight-lifting: 30 mins. *Pedometer!! :-)” at the top.

Saturday, April 9 

Bought the Pedometer at Thursday night’s meeting. Only $14. I had been trying to find one to buy online, checking out eBay and ordering directly from companies but they were either discontinued or really expensive. The WW brand name one is black and it is very affordable. Very easy to use, too.

A pedometer is a great motivational tool. I got one for Sassy too. She likes to do zumba and she likes to see how many steps she took afterwards. I really like it because it also calculates how many miles you walked and for how long. Today I walked for 33 minutes. Neighbourhood walk.

Thursday, April 14

Well I am down another 1.6 lbs. Total so far is 7.8 lbs.

Worked out every day but Sunday. Tracked food every day but Sunday.

It looks like Sunday was a little bit of a day off!


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