Week Eleven

 Friday, April 22 – Wednesday, April 27

I did not track any food or points this week, and was not able to get out walking. We have a buck and doe coming up on Saturday in Fiance Jeff’s family. We are doing a lot of running around getting things ready and I am feeling like I will get back on track next week after this is all over with.

Still drinking water everyday, and trying to stay away from things such as strudel and cake. And pop. 🙂

Thursday, April 28

I am so pissed off! I did not track this week, but I did not indulge in any fatty foods like donuts or pizza, although I was very tempted because I was around it.

They stamped the date in my little red book, charged me the WW fee, and then had the gall to write “+1”!! AAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!  I was SO close to 10 pounds and now I feel like I just blew it!


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