Week 15 ~ I Went!

 Friday, May 20, 2016

My journals are almost caught up, if you might have noticed by the dates. 🙂

So on this date here, I have tracked my food and SP’s and I also noted down, “Walked 3470 steps, 30 minutes. Ped. says 1.8 miles. A nice day.” So this is a good sign.

Tuesday, May 24

I discovered the Oreo Thins that the WW leader kept talking about. They are surprisingly contenting. Yes, I just made that word up. You only get 4 for 6 SP but you are just satisfied with that. Fiance Jeff brought home strawberry flavoured licorice, my favourite. Darn!

Weight-lifting 30 minutes today with the 7-pound hand weights. = 5 Fit Points. 🙂

Wednesday, May 25

Typically I work a really long day on Wednesdays. Sassy had an appointment with a specialist in Hamilton so I only got 3 hours done before abandoning it to go get her at 1:30. Afterward, I had her at my disposal until 7:30 when we finished.

I was just so crazy tired and hungry I did not care what I ate and did NOT want to cook. I texted a suggestion to Fiance Jeff to pick up a sub for himself, but he chose to go up to A&W because they have the muscle cars there on Wednesday nights and his brother goes and displays his classic 60’s car there. So he had a couple burgers and some fries with his bro and oggled the purdy cars.

Sassy and I had grilled chicken sandwiches from Wendy’s. I just ordered mine No Mayo, No Cheese. I looked it up in the WW Restaurant guide and it said 8 SP. You know what? That seems fine. It was very filling and I didn’t have any fries because, and many people think this is weird, I don’t like french fries.

This week I got a cute little note in the mail from WW corporation that literally said, “Come back! We’re here for you!” LOL, and you know what? THAT was a clever marketing ploy!

 Thursday, May 26

I had to have a scrambled egg breakfast wrap from Tim Horton’s this morning, I was so hungry! The Restaurant Guide said it was 8 SP. For lunch I had a sandwich with this fantastic “Bavarian sandwich bread” and according to the nutritional guide it turned out to be 3 points per slice, then I added some lean ham, a fat free cheese slice, lettuce, mayo and mustard and it turned out to be a 10 SP sandwich. But sometimes, ya just gotta!

Went to the WW meeting tonight:  I LOST 2 POUNDS!

Yes, folks, it only took 15 weeks but I have officially lost 10.2 pounds!


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