Week 13 + 14

Friday, May 6 to Thursday, May 12, 2016 

You would think that because I skipped the meeting of Thursday, May 5th that I would definitely be going to the one on Thursday May 12th. Nope. Sassy had been planning for a school trip with the music department to New York City, for several weeks. And Thursday morning was the day of departure at 6 a.m. Without her to go with me, I stayed home and sulked. That one pound gain of April 28 was still a sore point for me!

 Friday, May 13 to Thursday, May 19

This time my only excuse is here in Canada we have a long weekend celebration called Victoria Day Weekend. We all get Monday off of work and school. We all like it because generally the weather is nice to brilliant, and we get a lot of yard work and gardening done, go camping for the first time, maybe barbeque for the first time, hold outdoor back yard parties and bonfires, and generally use this weekend as a milestone for spring turning into summer. Here in Canada we really treasure our summers because our winters are so hard. And sometimes the snow flies from the end of November ’til the first week in April, making winter practically 6 months long. And that sux.


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