Pondering A Change in Lifestyle

The Third Month

Well, I had two good weeks, then the third week I gained one pound!!! Then the fourth week, not only did I not track what I ate (again), I also this time did not go to the weekly WW meeting.

Man, the aftermath of Week 11 definitely affected not only my mood during Week 12 but also my attitude towards this weight loss process and also towards WW. I was so mad at WW!

Really, I have to hold myself accountable, because WW does not provide you with pre-packaged food or any herbal substitutes or whatever they are, so you have to actually cook or prepare the food you eat.

And really, even though the Buck ‘n’ Doe was coming up, to be fairly honest (as stated in the ABOUT Statement), I was at the point where I was sick and tired of cooking and eating the same thing almost every day. I think this was why I started making a scrambled egg for breakfast several days in a row.

My Daily Routine

Usually I would have half of an English muffin toasted and buttered with my coffee, and then an apple for my 10:30 break, and then eat a lunch when I get home at 11:30. Then go for a neighbourhood walk at 1 p.m. and then snack and then supper and then maybe a desert or early evening snack. All of this is so different from how I ate during the day from before 12 weeks ago. I also have a salad, every g.d. day.

The way you combat boredom with the salads is by adding different ingredients, and by trying different salad dressing flavours.

I have never cooked so much chicken before this foray into a weight loss program. And also I made a stir fry almost every day, if not for lunch then for dinner, and then I think I just sort of rebelled for a week. I was thinking, Gee, the Buck ‘n’ Doe is coming up and I’m not going to be allowed to enjoy any of it, as per usual. I just can’t take it any more.

So, these thoughts have lead me to converse with my daughter during and after Week 12, because I was pondering about how you can’t just diet. You can’t just set out to decide to follow the WW program for a year or whatever length of time it takes to lose your pounds, and then what, you heave a sigh of relief and rejoin your regularly scheduled eating pattern?

I think that losing this amount of weight requires some kind of deeper commitment from the participant. I suspect that they want you to never go back to scalloped potatoes with sour cream, and breakfasts of Boston cream donuts. It is my suspicion that simply committing to a long length of time in order to lose the weight is not what is going to keep it off, I think you have to keep doing it for the rest of your life. I am going to be eating 30 Smart Points of food a day, or less, for the rest of my life.

Regarding the length of time required. I was a little excited in the beginning and I did that calculation based on losing 2 pounds per week. In order to lose 75 pounds I would only need to “diet” like this for 36 to 37 weeks. When it became apparent last week that I am averaging only 1 pound per week, it gets depressing. On a par like that I am looking at taking 75 weeks to lose 75 pounds. That’s over a year. See how it gets depressing?

End of Week 12 Measurements:

I can end this on a happy note, however.

Waist is 46″ – that’s still 3 inches less than the starting measurement.

Hips are being very stubborn and remaining at 48″, but at least that is still down by 2″ from the beginning. 🙂

My Thigh measurement is now 22″ – maybe all this walking is paying off?!

My Upper Arms are still 14″, still down by 2″. But they are firming up, from all the hand weight lifting I am doing.


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