Week Five

Read https://zerotohero105.com/2016/05/24/results-of-the-first-month/ for the milestones and measurements.

DSCF7932 Friday, March 11 – Thursday, March 17, 2016

Well, it’s the first day of our public school system’s March Break. So I headed off to Niagara Falls for the weekend with both my daughters. Sassy packed lots of low-cal snacks, fruit and vegetables for us. My youngest daughter picked out 2 restaurants for us to visit and as long as we decided to stick to low-cal, non-fat and un-deep-fried foods, I felt good and had no guilt about blowing a diet.

Still feels like I am following a diet program, ha ha. Week four was an almost total write off, as I did absolutely no tracking at all, and did not think about the foods I was eating because I experienced such a severe loss of appetite. Friday at supper I could almost finish my veggie burger. Which is OK because at some point I have to learn to stop eating once my stomach signals my brain that I am full.

The hotel I booked had a pool so I made sure I got in the water. Being in the water in the Dominican was probably a contributing factor to my not gaining more than 1 pound overall. We also walked alot, up and down Clifton Hill, throughout all the hotels and shops, and we had a ride on the SkyWheel, pictured above.

At weigh-in on Thursday, March 10 I had lost 2.6 pounds which earned me a frowny face from the lady behind the table, lol. I told her I had the flu and lost my appetite. Oddly, I should be happy but I’m not because I don’t feel like I earned it!

This week I returned to dedicating time to tracking what I eat and drink, and reading the nutritional labels on all packaging. We are at the point that we are not buying any more pre-packaged food, so our sodium intake is probably lower as well.


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