Week Eight

 Friday, April 1, 2016

Ok Week 7 was NOT lucky! Bad luck! Curse you, Easter dinner!

Weigh-in was last night and I actually gained 0.6 lb!

This is NO April Fool’s joke! I can’t even blame it on the a-a-a-alcohol!

Saturday, April 2

After this week’s disappointment, I was looking forward to tonight’s event, an evening with ukulele player Ralph Shaw in the Village. Taking my friend Cheryl with me to Ancaster and we are partaking of a meal with the group at the Winchester Arms afterwards. Really looking forward to it, and plan on eating sensibly!

Sunday, April 3

Have decided to put the obvious indulgences of Easter weekend and the outing in the Village behind me, and start a new page!

Trying not to view it as a set-back, but a go-forward!

Started weight-training today, going to try doing a 12-week work out program to help this along.

Monday, April 4

Feeling optimistic. Printed out online resources to start a walking club.

Sassy asks do I have to make T-shirt for every group I join in my life. I thought about it, and my answer is yes. Yes, I do.

Tuesday, April 5 

Plotted out my work-out schedule for the next 12 weeks, until June 26th. We shall see!!!!

Feeling like this is going to take a really long time, if I can’t lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks. Feelings of discouragement and impatience!

Thursday, April 7

Unbelievable. Nothing. Zero.

No loss, no gain.




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