Results of the First Month

Well, it certainly HAS been a learning curve.

One thing I learned right off the bat is that I have been eating way too large of portions, too much pre-packaged food or convenience food, too much Chinese take-out, too much fast food period, and too many times a day, without enough intake of fruits and vegetables or water. Putting it all together, I realized that I have to balance my meals and my daily intake with foods from all of the groups: protein, carbs/starches, fruits/vegetables, dairy and also water. Before I would only drink water while exercising or taking a vitamin.

Planning helps you to stay on track. Make daily and weekly menus. This also helps with grocery shopping.

The week in the Dominican I feel went really well. The week after that when I had the flu was a disaster. It took about 5 days to fully get my appetite back and to get back to work in a fully recovered way.

We also had to make more use of our WW Beyond the Scale Plan Guide. That helped a lot.

4 Week Milestone and Measurements

February 11, – March 10, 2016

Starting Weight:  225 lbs

March 10 Weight: 221.6

Loss: 3.4 pounds


Waist: 47″ (down 2 inches)    Hips: 48″ (down 2 inches) Thighs: 24″ (down 1/2 inch)   Upper Arms: 14″(down 2 inches)

So, although I did not lose 5 pounds in the first 4 weeks/month, I did make great losses in the measurement area.


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