Flu Week ~ 4

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Came down with the flu! 😦

  • Got up at 4:30 to do my regular work load.
  • Doing a double until 3:30, then picking up my youngest daughter and take her to her part-time job for 4:00 p.m.
  • Called fiance Jeff’s brother Jimmy to cancel attending his karaoke party.
  • I don’t remember supper.

Sunday, March 6

High fever, chilled, achey, took some Aleve, can’t sleep, can’t eat.


Dragged body out of bed to finish the double that I started yesterday. Took 2 hours longer to complete.Back to bed immediately afterwards with sore back and upper legs. Drank water and hot tea today.

Monday, March 7

Better today, at least I am upright and mobile. WOOZY

Started the day at 8:30 a.m. (it’s my day off) because of aching sore back. Took more Aleve. Slept.

Watched movies. Feel lackadaisical. Is that even a word? lol…

Made a package of Sweet Chilli Thai Noodles, which is worth half of my total daily intake. Managed 2 small spoonfuls. Discarded remainder.

Made hot tea. Made one piece of toast, managed 2 bites. Discarded remainder.

Tuesday, March 8

Woke up feeling back to normal. My kitchen was a disaster zone because my kids had to fend for themselves for a few days and figure out what to do for meals, etc. After straitening up the kitchen and livingroom, decided to make hot tea and go in to work for noon.

Total intake for the day: half a cup of coffee with one cream and one sugar, 1 fruit drink, 1 Litre of water, 1 piece of toast with margarine, 1 banana.

Wednesday, March 9

Feeling Ok but thirsty for some reason. Drank 1 Litre of water in the morning and again in the afternoon. Had one banana, 1 cup of fruit salad, 1 piece of white toast with margarine and 1/2 cup grapefruit juice at work.

Stared at a ham and cheese sandwich. Could not eat it due to nausea. I am wondering how I am going to get some protein and dairy back into my system. Tomorrow night is weigh-in at WW and I couldn’t care less. It’s an effort to just get through my day at work right now. Hopefully, these symptoms will subside in a couple of days.


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