Eight Weeks of Physical Activity

 From Zero

The night we went to the Rec Centre to join Weight Watchers on February 11 the meeting was located on the second floor. That first night I struggled up the stairs, and it was only half a set. I was wheezing when I got to the top and I had to call Sassy to wait up for me.

I walked every day since that first day, first around our block, then out into the neighbourhood.

I first noticed an improvement in my fitness four weeks later. I walked up the stairs with ease, and even pointed it out to Sassy. That felt good.

I have had some difficulty in the last 4 or 5 years in painting my toenails, and stuff like  that. After 8 weeks I can actually bend with ease, even though I only lost 3 inches off the pony girth. But I do see improvement in my body, in my size and how I feel, even if I am only at 6 pounds lost. I am an entire size smaller, and I lost a lot off my ass. My pants slide off all the time.

We no longer eat pre-packaged or convenience food, and have our fast-food intake down to once a month. Due to this reduction in sodium in-take, my shoes slide on and off, and my left foot and ankle have not swelled up since the flight back from the Dominican. That is a real bonus for me because ailments like that were starting to bother me. I’m only 51 years old and I’m too young to be hobbling along, especially from something that turned out to be completely preventable!

Walking: At first I was managing 4 blocks, which was less than 1 km BUT has two very steep hills on 2 of the streets. After 14 days or so I was going around the neighbourhood, which according to Google was 2.8 km. I followed that route until 1 week ago when I expanded into the new subdivision and re-Googled the distance which turned out to be 3.8 km.

Time: I was completing 2.8 km in 35 minutes at first, then improved to 28 minutes, then was able to jog one quarter of it, bringing it down to 24 minutes. When I expanded my area to 3.8 km, I was able to complete it in 34 minutes with jogging whatever streets I was able to. On April 7th I did it in 33 minutes.

My jogging, to be fairly honest, is not truly jogging, it’s more of a shuffle. But I have to start somewhere, and I am confident that if I keep it up, if I persevere, I will be able to enjoy jogging on a regular basis again.

GEEZ’S I love that picture!



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