Dominican Week

DSCF6891 Wednesday, Feb 25 to Tuesday, March 1, 2016

  1. While away on vacation we did almost ZERO snacking.
  2. I made a conscious effort to have salad and fruit every day.
  3. Since we were drinking cervesa every day I was happy to discover that I only gained 1 pound!


We did a lot of activities. We swam in that remarkable pool every day, sometimes twice a day, we walked up and down the beaches – sorry did not take the camera due to the high wind causing spraying surf – we walked around the tiny village of Cortecito, we went on a catamaran trip over to Isla Saona where we walked on the beach, searched for shells and swam in crystal clear reef water, and on the last day we walked all the way down Allemania to the Bam Market, past that down to the beach access at the Whala! Bavaro resort, visiting shops and cafes and taking lots of pictures.

We also booked an excursion to the capital city of the Dominican Republic, Santa Domingo, but before we got there we made an unexpected stop at Parque Los Tres Ojos – The Three Eyes National Park. This tourist stop is a 50-yard open-air limestone cave made up of three inter-connected lakes called “oyos”. There was a steep winding staircase made out of limestone rocks, many paths throughout the bowl of the cave depression and lots of hiking up and down. It was so humid and hot down there, with lots of lush tropical vegetation, that my breathing was weezy. Once again, I was reminded of how out of shape I am. We spent about an hour hiking down into the caves, along the pathways and back up again. We really enjoyed it.

By the time we left my bathing suit bottoms were getting loose and I was hoping that I had actually lost weight, but eating 3 square meals and day and washing it all down with cervesa (beer) guaranteed a 1 pound gain. However, overall I was happy with my efforts to eat healthy, to eat fruit and salad whenever possible, and with all of the activity that we managed to get in.


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