Week Two

Friday, February 19, 2016

What a relief! I wasn’t sure if we were doing this right, but I lost 1.8 lbs. What a relief! The group leader asked us to write in what our goal for one month or four weeks is. So then we talked about what was realistic vs. what is considered “rapid weight loss”. This is an important concept because you can do some serious harm to your kidneys, liver, heart, etc. She said it’s “dangerous” to exceed 2.5 lbs per week. She said that 1 pound is do-able and realistic, and if you lose more than that you feel great about it!

We recieved a hand-out with some positive reinforcement quotes and stories, etc, and a recipe for a vegetable soup. I feel optimistic again.

Saturday, Feb 20

I had to look up alcoholic drinks, wine and beer. We have a karaoke party tonight at Jeff’s brother’s place. I want to have some drinks, so should I not eat anything but veggies all day? No, that is not a good idea. It is better to blow it tonight, within reason, and get back on track tomorrow.

Sunday, Feb 21

…no comment….

Monday, Feb 22

Well the party was so great that I did not feel 100% like a human being the next day (see above) but another thing that took place at the party was a lllllllooottttt of dancing, and I snacked on only the veggies. So that was cool actually. Back on track today.

Tuesday, Feb 23

Still doing a lot of reading and double checking the Pocket Guide. Making a lot of stir fries and reducing a lot during the process. For example, it was usual for me to cook 2 eggs and have 2 pieces of toast. Now I am cooking only one egg, but adding onions and fresh sweet peppers, garlic, celery and parsley, and having one piece of the Smart bread toast. And I find it more filling in fact.

Wednesday, Feb 24

Left for my vacation with fiance Jeff in the Dominican. Planning on following the fruits and vegetables plan and the reduced carbs and bread plan. 🙂



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