Week One

Friday, February 12, 201613227271_10153440960686890_4991580992540608902_o (1)

Starting Weight: 225 lbs.

Weight Goal: 150 lbs.


Egads! How horrible! Have not weighed myself since 2002. Prevailing thought is, that’s a lot of weight to lose: 75 lbs. It can be done. Other people have done it. I can do this.


We each bought the cloth shopping bag package deal, with one leather bound Journal (this), one bag, one Restaurant and Grocery Shopping Guide (a thick mini book), and one WW calculator (solar powered electronic gadget. I do love gadgets!).

In the front of the Journal are two pages called “top ten tips.” Very useful.

Instruction number one is, go by the portions outlined in the little green Pocket Guide. *Must dig out my scale and my measuring cups.

Second instruction: track everything, so you know how many fruits, vegetables, proteins and carbs you eat in a day. *My personal goal is to eat 5 fruits and vegetables every day.

Third instruction: do your measurements in your weigh-in booklet.


(Deep breath!)

Waist: 49″       Hips: 50″      Thighs: 24.5″      Upper Arms:  16″

Saturday, Feb 13

Went for a walk around the neighbourhood. We are supposed to get in some activity. We are still wearing boots/heavy footwear, but so far it has been a surprisingly mild winter.

I was hungry this morning, first time in a long time. One thing I have immediately noticed is that we are eating way to large a portions of food. For example, I would now measure out 1 cup of cooked rice and tally it up with whatever protein and fat I put in with it, as vegetables and some fruits are free. Not fruit juices for example. But apples and oranges for example. I am finding it hard to chug 500 mL of water. I am optimistic.

Monday, Feb 15

This is good for my brain. It is forcing me to think about what I am eating, what I am buying in the stores and how I am cooking. Using some parts of the WW cook book we ate. Feeling optimistic.

Tuesday, Feb 16

Whoa, this is harder than I thought it would be. There is a lot of reading, as far as everything I want to eat, I look up the value first before going there. I feel as though we should be “menu-ing”. Some confusion while we get used to all of this. One thing that is simple and clear, is the fruits and vegetables. You can eat copious amounts of those.

Wednesday, Feb 17

Confusion, and going over for the first 3 days was frustrating. Scaling back every day on the foods that are high in calories/points. Reading about Chinese food was interesting. To our dismay, that kind of Restaurant food is the highest of them all in fat and sugar. Holy cow! We will have to give that up. 😦

Thursday, Feb 18

I am a nervous wreck today. We get weighed in tonight at 5:30. I vote not to eat supper beforehand, maybe just a salad! We do not own a scale, I absolutely REFUSE, so we have no idea if we lost, gained, or stayed the same. This level of anxiety is uncomfortable!




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